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Susana Lewis and Lesley Ogle                  Various pictures of Susana and Lesley   

Lesley Ogle is from a small town in the middle of California. She earned her BA in English and her M.Ed. in School Library and Information Technology from Fresno Pacific University. Before working at Arcadia USD, she ran a small high school library in the Cow Capital of California. Her favorite book was The Book Thief until this year when she read My Lady Jane and fell completely in love. When she's not reading, she's singing show tunes to her cat, which he does not appreciate. Her favorite part about working in the library is getting to know students and putting the perfect book in their hands.
Susana Lewis is from the City of Freeways, Gardena, CA, 20 minutes south of Downtown LA. She began working in libraries in 2001, in Long Beach, CA, working her way up from homework helper to head clerk. She earned her BA in Sociology and minor in Child Development from San Diego State University. She received her MA in Library and Information Science from San Jose State. One of her favorite books is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, although, it can change depending on her mood.In her spare time, she loves making origami, taking photos, annoying her cat, dabbling in music, hanging out with her super cool niece and watching the Office for the millionth time.  Her favorite part about working at the library is being surrounded by books and students. They are all so inspiring.