Library Policies

Library Policies

Daily Library Use
A pass from a teacher is required to use the library during class time. Students are welcome to use the library during non-class time.
No food is allowed in the library or its adjoining rooms at any time. Students who consistently break this rule will lose their library privileges.
Students are welcome to use the space to collaborate or work independently, but all noise should be kept to a minimum. Students may be asked to quiet down, use headphones, or exit the library if disruptive noise persists.
Printing is available in the library. While use of the printers is free, students must provide their own paper.
The library has two gender-neutral restrooms available for student use at any time.

Arcadia High School Identification Cards

School picture identification cards are required to check-out library materials, textbooks, and other instructional materials. ID cards are also collected and retained while students use library study rooms and non-circulated materials like Chromebook chargers.

If you have misplaced your ID card, replacement cards may be obtained at the ASB office at a fee of $10.

Library Lending Policy

Library books may be borrowed initially for four weeks and may be renewed if another student has not requested the book.

Students are encouraged to return materials as soon as they have finished using them. This permits these resources to be used by several students during the course of the year.

Students are responsible for the care and preservation of all instructional materials checked out to them. Students are held liable for any damage done to the book, accidentally or otherwise.

Library Fines and Fees

Fines for overdue library books are $.10 cents per school day with a maximum of $3.00. See damage chart below for additional fees.

Textbook Lending Policy

Textbooks, workbooks, and other instructional materials are issued at the beginning of each semester and throughout the semester as requested by teachers.
Textbooks for year classes, such as Mathematics, English, History, and Foreign Language are usually issued for the full school year. Textbooks for semester classes are issued at the beginning of each semester and collected at the end of each semester. Class novels and workbooks may be issued and returned during the course of one semester.

Students need to report any and all unmarked damages to the library staff within 1 week of checking out materials.

Students are responsible for the care and preservation of all instructional materials checked out to them.
The textbooks checked out to you with your Arcadia High School ID card are the property of the Arcadia Unified School District and it is your privilege to use the books while you are a student at Arcadia High School.

Only students with a current, valid Arcadia High School ID card will be issued books. Students will be issued textbooks only for those classes in which they are enrolled. Students are required to return all textbooks at the conclusion of the class, at the direction or request of the teacher and/or the Library staff, or if the student leaves Arcadia High School.

1. Textbooks are only checked out with a valid Arcadia High School ID card.
2. All texts should be covered with a non-adhesive book cover.
3. Students are to protect all textbooks from damage.
4. Students are asked not to write, underline, or highlight in textbooks, including textbook novels.
5. If a text is lost or damaged in any way, the student will pay all costs before a new textbook is issued.
6. All texts checked out to the student must be returned in good, usable condition, with the barcode still attached to the book, at the end of the class. A book returned without a barcode will be considered a lost book and the full cost of the book will be billed to the student.
7. Students will not be allowed to complete registration for the new school year or have records transferred, etc., until all textbooks and library books are returned and outstanding fines are paid.

Textbook Fines and Fees

Report cards and transcripts may be withheld if a student owes a fine for overdue or damaged materials.
Fines for repair or replacement of library or textbook materials are assessed when materials are abused during the time the student was responsible for the materials. Fines are assessed when a book is water or liquid damaged, the binding is damaged, a barcode or picture has been cut from the book, or damage due to ink, highlighter, or writing has occurred inside the book.

Damage Descriptions

Barcode missing - full cost of book
Dirty - book was not covered $3 up to replacement cost
Edge damage - marks or writing $3 - $5
Cover damage- marks, writing, scratches $3-$5
Cover - bent, torn, or missing $10.00
Lost - replacement cost
Unusable - stained, mildewed, burned, destroyed - replacement cost
Lost & paid, found, returned usable - Full Refund

A full refund is issued for items lost and paid for when returned in good, usable condition.
These fines approximate the amount of supplies and staff work time necessary to make the book acceptable for circulation once again. 

Legal References

- The complete AUSD Board Policies can be reviewed at the AHS office or at the AUSD Superintendent's Office.

Education Codes
19910 Malicious Cutting, Tearing, Defacing, Breaking or Injuring Library Property
19911 Willful Retention of Library Property
48904 Willful Misconduct; Limit of Liability of Parent or Guardian
Withholding Grades, Diplomas or Transcripts of Students causing Property damage or Injury Transfer of Permanent Enrollment and Scholarship Record
Government Code
53069.5 Reward for Information Concerning Person Causing Death, Injury, or Property Damage; Liability for Reward

Civil Code
1714 Responsibility for Willful Acts and Negligence; Contributory Negligence
1714.1 Liability of Parent/Guardian or Act of Willful Misconduct by a Minor
1714.3 Liability for Parent/Guardian for Injury to Person/Property Caused by Minor Under Fifteen

Copyright Policy
It is the intent of the Governing Board of Arcadia Unified School District to adhere to the provisions of all copyright laws and to maintain the highest ethical standards in the use of copyright materials. Willful infringement of copyright laws by district employees and students is prohibited.
Legal Reference: United States Code, Title 17
Copyright Act of 1976, effective January 1, 1978, PL 96-517 Amends Section 117 of 17

For further information or assistance please call 626-821-1787 during the school day.