Spring 2018 Schedule

Second semester courses are listed without grades and typically end with the letter "B". Courses are listed with period, room, and teacher information.

AHS Counseling staff will not return from break until Monday, January 8, 2018.  Please do not email them for any schedule changes.  
Changes WILL NOT be made for the following reasons:
1. Period Changes
2. Room Changes
3. Teacher Changes
4. Elective Changes
Changes to class assignments will be made for the following reasons ONLY:
1. "~~See Counselor" appears on your class list.
2. Your list contains less than SIX class assignments.
3. You have duplicate class assignments (the same class on your list twice).
4. You are assigned to a class you have already completed and passed.
5. You are missing a class that you need to meet a graduation and/or minimum college admission requirement.
6. You would like to request a level change, BUT have not already submitted your Drop Form and missed the PRIORITY DEADLINE.

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