SBAC & CAST Testing

  • SBAC TESTING : Monday, March 2nd- All 11th Grade Students. (Adjusted Bell Schedule. Testing periods 1-3)
  • CAST TESTING: Tuesday, March 3rd-All 11th & 12th Grade Students.(Regular Bell Schedule. 11th Graders will be testing periods 1&2 and 12th Graders will be testing periods 3&4)
  • SBAC TESTING: Wednesday, March 4th-All 11th Grade Students (Reverse Bell Schedule. Testing periods 6-4)
Do not be late. Also be sure to:
  • Bring your school ID or other photo ID with you. If you have lost your school ID, please replace it at the ASB office before the test day.
  • Bring a book to read or textbook to study in case you finish early. You will not be allowed to leave the testing room until all participants have completed the exam. 
  • Electronic items, including cell phones, smart watches, ipods, calculators, etc are absolutely prohibited by testing and your exam will be invalidated. You will face disciplinary actions based on the Discipline Matrix.
  • BRING YOUR CHROMEBOOK & CHARGER (Make sure to charge your Chromebook the night before)
  • Bring a set of headphones that can plug into the Chromebook (wireless headphones will not be allowed)
  • Your test will be scored and recorded!

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