ASB Elections

ASB 2018-2019

Congratulations to the ASB Officers of the 2018-2019 school year!


Sophomore President

Kaitlyn Tran

Sophomore Vice President

Megan Ngo

Sophomore Senator

Elena Chan

Sophomore Treasurer

Ashley Lin

Sophomore Secretary

Conner Hua

Sophomore Historian

Nathan Kuo

Sophomore Public Relations

Maureen Zhang


Junior President

Braden Wong

Junior Vice President

Ethan Vuong

Junior Senator

Grace Hong

Junior Treasurer

Valerie Huang

Junior Secretary

Tiffany Yeh

Junior Historian

Tiffany Hu

Junior Public Relations

Michelle Dong


Senior President

Tiffany Zhu

Senior Vice President

Tracy Hou

Senior Senator

Alex Feng

Senior Treasurer

Raya Lee

Senior Secretary

Vincent Leong

Senior Historian

Jocelyn Hu

Senior Public Relations

Margaret Chang



ASB President

Alvin Tran

ASB Vice President

Tanya Chen

ASB Treasurer

Melanie Chen

ASB Secretary

Tracy Shi

ASB Historian

Aaron Wu

Student Rep. to the Board

Sarah Wang

Clubs Commissioner

Matthew Chen

Activities Commissioner

Titanium Wang

Publicity Commissioner

Ysobelle Flores

Link Crew Commissioner

Matt Nguyen

Academics Commissioner

Stephen Dai

Performing Arts Commissioner

Ella Cho

Athletics Commissioner

Warren Oetojo

ASB Pep Commissioners

Samantha Yasuda & Monique Aguilar