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Monday, April 23rd, 2018

This document is online at www.ahs.ausd.net



On Thursday, April 26th, AHS will be dismissing students at 11:40 am. Students have the option to purchase a bagged lunch from the cafeteria that day if they sign up on this form before hand. Students eligible for free or reduced meals also need to complete this form if they intend to receive a free or reduced bagged lunch from the cafeteria on this day. All submissions must be completed by 1:00 pm on Wednesday, April 25th. Submit Lunch Order Here


ATTENTION ALL ACCEPTED CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION (CSF) MEMBERS: Please pay your $5 membership dues in the ASB Office during the week of April 23 - 27, 2018. The ASB Office will accept your dues either before school, at lunch, or after school. Please verify that your name is on the accepted member list (posted in your classrooms) prior to paying your dues. If you have any questions, please see your CSF Adviser immediately.


Feeling stressed? Need some time reconnecting with yourself and friends? Come to room C-113 on Wednesdays for YOGA! This 1-hour class will help you feel calmer, more centered, and ready to face the world. Suggested donation $10, or all 3 classes for $15 pre-paid.

Last 3 classes of the school year: 4/25, and 5/2. Don't miss out...


Do you enjoy math? Feel like your math class is boring? Interested in participating in really FUN and INTENSE math competitions? Well, it’s time to put your nerdy abilities to the test!

Tryout for Arcadia High School’s Math Team on Wednesday, April 25 from 3:00-4:30 in G108.

Make sure to sign up here.  The problems on the tryout test will correspond to your grade level, including general math, algebra, and geometry. Feel free to review material covered in your math classes and practice using past AMC or AIME problems. Best of luck!


The Spring Book Fair is almost here! Come by the library Monday, 4/23 through Friday at lunch for great new books, gifts, and other items. Funds raised help support the library.



Attention Seniors! Graduation Announcements are here! Please stop by the ASB office before school, during lunch or after school. If you have a balance, you will need to take care of that prior to pick up and show us a receipt.


Mandatory Pre-Administration Session for AP Students who purchased AP Exams:

To save valuable time on AP exam days and begin tests as soon as possible, please join us to complete your identification information on your answer sheets. Please bring a #2 pencil and a hard surface, such as a notebook or textbook, on which to write.

Please report promptly to your assigned location at the beginning of lunch. Once Lecture Hall is full there will be no late admittance, so be prompt. Completing this pre-administration information should take about 30 minutes if everyone is prompt.

Student Group




All Grade Levels

Monday, April 16

Lunch 12:02

Lecture Hall

All Grade Levels

Tuesday, April 17

Lunch 12:23

Lecture Hall

All Grade Levels

Wednesday, April 18

Lunch 12:23

Lecture Hall

All Grade Levels

Thursday, April 19

Lunch 12:02

Lecture Hall

All Grade Levels

Friday, April 20

Lunch 12:02


Afterschool 2:45

Lecture Hall

Only Students taking exams at other schools

Monday, April 23

Lunch 12:02

Lecture Hall

Make-up session

Tuesday, April 24

Lunch 12:02


Afterschool 2:45

Lecture Hall


AP students taking the AP Chinese or AP Japanese Language exam will be completing the Pre-Administration Session in their AP Chinese Language or AP Japanese Language class.

Only students who are currently enrolled in an AP class at AHS will be allowed to purchase a test at AHS.


Reminder: Chinese Placement Test on Tue, April 24 and Wed, April 25

If you signed up for Chinese for the first time and have selected your testing date, be sure to bring your ID and go to A206 and A207 at 3:00 pm on April 24 or April 25.


Attention all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders wishing to try out for Speech and Debate: Applications are now available on Google Classroom (g23sun). If you are interested in trying out, submit your application by Friday, April 27th. Tryouts begin on May 1st and run until the 4th. Any and all information you may need is in the app.


Science Bowl Written Tryouts: 3:00 - 4:00pm on Friday, April 20 in the AHS Lecture Hall. Topics tested include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math (Geo - Calc, Stats), Earth & Space Science. Mastery of only one subject is essential for the free response short answer questions. Study tip: study an AP prep book/notes.      


The library hours are temporarily changing. For the next few weeks, the library will open at 7:30 instead of 7:00. It will still close at 4:00 every day unless otherwise posted. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Looking for air-conditioned volunteer hours during this hot summer? The Arcadia Public Library is looking for student volunteers to help in different parts of the library. Applications can be picked up in the AHS library and should be returned to the Arcadia Public Library as soon as possible.


Join us for Arcadia High School's 1st Annual Art Exhibition! Come meet the artists on opening night (Special Reception) Wednesday, April 25th from 6-8PM in the MULTIPURPOSE ROOM.

Additional gallery hours: Thursday, 4/26 & Friday, 4/27 from 8AM-3PM.

This event will showcase ART HONORS students, along with featuring selected works from all other art classes at AHS. The event is free! Come celebrate the amazing talent of our students.



Hey Apaches! Want to boost your grades? Need homework help? New organizational or study tips and tricks? If so, come and get tutored by the best and brightest of AHS! FREE tutoring takes place at the AHS Library every Monday - Friday from 3:00 - 4:00 PM! Email hs@gmail.com with questions, or visit our website: students.ausd.net/ahstutors.


Attention all sophomores, juniors, and seniors! Are you interested in joining National Honor Society? Members will be announced on APRIL 25th, and will be invited to attend the mandatory induction ceremony on MAY 24th. The informational meeting is MANDATORY if you are interested because the application will ONLY be given out to those present at the meeting. If you are unable to make this meeting, please email nhs@ausd.net with your name, student ID #, and graduating year.

Students - As many of you may know, our school has been selected by the APIs Mobilize to participate in a summer youth leadership program, which includes leadership training and internship opportunities for juniors and seniors. Admitted students also can apply for scholarship! The program will teach you useful skills that will help you succeed in school and beyond. You will get exposed to successful corporate, philanthropic, and high level leaders. APIs mobilize is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower the next generation of Asian Pacific American leaders to become effective leaders.

The deadline to apply is May 31, 2018. You can learn more about the program and access the application on their website: www.apismobilize.org. Feel free to contact Annie V. Lam, Founder/CEO of APIs Mobilize for any questions Annie@Lam-Consult.com


APACHES- Mark your calendars, because Film Club's annual Film Festival is coming up! Categories include Music Video, Animation, and others (which can include anything). The submission fee is $5 for those who are not members of film club. Submit your videos by April 29th by 11:59 PM to arcadiafilmclub@gmail.com. Late submission is due by May 6th by 11:59 PM, and will include a $5 late fee. The festival itself will be held May 22nd from 3-4:30 PM in the Multi-purpose Room, across from the attendance office. Prizes are: $50 per category for the winner, with a grand prize of $150. You can win in multiple categories, as multiple submissions are allowed. Please keep all videos school appropriate, and good luck!     




SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE - Scholarships can be found on the AHS website on the student tab/scholarship bulletin or at this link


Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Good student, have time after school, want to make a little money, and interested in helping other students? Add your name/ contact info to the Tutor Book so that students/parents can call you to arrange for tutoring. You’ll make your own arrangements, including your fee and availability,  directly with the students/parents who contact you. The Tutor Book will be at the Counselor of the Day desk for the entire school year


Apaches City of Hope's Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy gives curious and hardworking students the opportunity to learn about science by actually doing science work. Student in the Academy receive a $4,000 stipend for conducting biomedical research with world renowned scientists and physicians as their mentors. Students also attend workshops and events to enhance their social and professional skills. For more information, please visit https://www.cityofhope.org/education/students-and-youth/summer-student-academy or email Ms. Stephanie Patterson, Associate Director, at spatterson@coh.org.


ATTENTION SENIORS! If your academic record changes, you must notify the Admissions Office at each college campus (UC, CSU, out of state, and private colleges) to which you have applied.  Academic record changes include:

  • Failure to earn a C - grade or better in a course
  • If you add or drop a course after your original application submission
  • If you reported any class inaccurately

Handouts with guidelines/details on how to report these changes are available at the COD desk.


Seniors Applying to PCC:

The PCC PRE-ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP will be held here at AHS on FRIDAY, APRIL 13th during your elective period (1, 2, 3, or 4). Please sign up for the workshop and assessment at this link. This must be an elective period.You will receive a call slip the day before the workshop. PLEASE READ THE CALL SLIP CAREFULLY TO FIND YOUR TIME and LOCATION. The period is subject to change due to seating availability and elective period.

The PCC ASSESSMENT will he held here at AHS on MONDAY, APRIL 23RD OR TUESDAY, MAY 1ST at either 8 am or 12:45 pm. Please sign up for the workshop and assessment at this link. You will receive a call slip the day before the assessment. PLEASE READ THE CALL SLIP CAREFULLY TO FIND YOUR DATE, TIME and LOCATION. The date and time is subject to change due to seating availability. You MUST bring the following to take the assessment:

  • Your call slip
  • Your 8 digit LancerPoint ID Number (This is listed on your PCC Emailed Admissions Notice)
  • A valid email address to receive your exam results. If you don't have an email, please set one up before the testing session
  • A pencil or pen

If you plan to take the Pre-Assessment workshop or the Assessment at PCC you will need to sign up for the workshop at this link and check the assessment schedule at this link.   If you do not take the assessment here at AHS either day, you WILL need to take the assessment at PCC. COMPLETE YOUR ONLINE ORIENTATION BEFORE THE DAY OF ASSESSMENT. (You should have received an email with your LancerPoint ID. You must have this information to complete the assessment. If you have not received your LancerPoint ID you must contact PCC at lancerpointhelp@pasadena.edu.If you have any questions, please see Ms. Wona in the Career Center



The Student Handbook is now digital and can be located on our AHS Website under Students labeled Guidelines and Forms.


Birthday grams and birthday marquee messages are available for purchase! Show your love for your

friends by purchasing a gram or putting their name up on the big screen. Birthday grams are $5 and birthday marquee messages are $10! Purchases available at the ASB office.


PARKING: All student please make sure your decal/parking permit is displayed clearly on your rear view mirror when pulling into the student parking lot. If you can't display your permit in this manner, please show your permit to school security as you pull into the parking lot. While your vehicle is parked in the school lot; please make sure your permit is displayed clearly on your dashboard or rearview mirror. Thank you!


Attendance Policies & Procedures Reminder

It is important to follow the necessary steps when absent:

Step 1 - Parent/Guardian should notify attendance office by phone, email or fax of absence in a brief message stating name, ID#, grade, date and reason for every absence.

Step 2 - Note must be submitted to the attendance signed by at least one parent or guardian the day student returns to school.  The note must include student name, ID#, grade date(s) and periods of absence, and reason for absence.  Name and signature of parent/guardian and relationship to student must also be on the note with a current phone number.


Once a student has received a Saturday School assignment they have one day to clear the absence with a note from their parent or guardian.  If the note is brought in the day after they are originally assigned Saturday School they will not have to serve Saturday School.

If the note is not brought by the end of the day after Saturday School is assigned the student will have to serve their assigned Saturday School and the absence will stay as a truant or unexcused absence.

Students must report to the attendance office when they receive a call-slip.  It is your opportunity to submit your note so you will not be assigned Saturday School.  Failure to appear will result in a referral to Saturday School.


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