Principal's Message


Angie Dillman, AHS Principal
Angie Dillman

Hello AHS Families, 


Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  I am thrilled to start the year as the new principal of Arcadia High School.  Over the past nine years I have served a variety of roles in AUSD, including being a teacher and assistant principal at AHS and know very well what an amazing school community we have.  Thanks to our supportive families, our dedicated staff, and our vibrant students, Arcadia High School is quite simply a wonderful place to be each and every day.  


As we begin a new school year, our staff will continue to grow in our profession to best serve our students.  The AHS staff recognizes the need for ongoing professional collaboration focused on student learning. To this end, our school has a late start on Wednesdays to help facilitate this growth.  Collaboration time is utilized by teachers to seek ways to provide the very best educational experiences for our students. Both inside and outside of the classroom we work to provide opportunities for our students to grow.  Whether through academics, extra-curriculars, athletics, or the performing arts, our school exists for each of our students to flourish. 


Over the course of this year, our entire district will be exploring the concept of Universal Design for Learning, or UDL.  In November, all teachers will attend an in-service with Dr. Katie Novak, a leading UDL scholar and educator. UDL is a concept born from architectural design.  If you have ever used the automatic door at the grocery store, or the curb ramp at each street corner, then you have experienced universal design. These design elements were intended to assist people with disabilities, but actually benefit all of us.  In a classroom, UDL is the practice of intentionally designing lessons to support all learners.  For our phenomenal and very experienced staff, this will enhance the great teaching already taking place.


For any learning and growth to take place, we will continue to prioritize the well-being and safety of our students and staff.  Each year we examine and refine our emergency preparedness and lead students through drills to promote safety. We encourage students to ask for help and to know that they are a valued member of our community.  Together, we will continue to build the vital relationships that keep our school safe and healthy.


I am truly honored and thrilled to be your principal.  Together, we will have a great year!